What is Sleep Apnea? Discover Assist Now

By | January 6, 2020

So you could have heard of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and may possibly have been told by other men and women that you exhibit signs and symptoms of this situation but what is it? The term apnea means “cessation of breath” (meaning to quit breathing) obstructive sleep apnea basically means obstructions that occur during sleep that cause a cessation in breathing.

For the duration of sleep, your complete physique relaxes and winds down. This indicates that all of your muscles are going into a relaxed state. Our upper airways are surrounded by muscles, the biggest of which is our tongue. All through the day when we are awake, these muscles are tightened, however, once we fall asleep these muscles like the rest in our physique go into a relaxed state.

What takes place next for those that have obstructive sleep apnea is both irritating and frightening! Our breathing throughout sleep causes these relaxed muscles to vibrate which will then result in snoring. Eventually, these muscles will collapse into the airway, thus causing a significant decrease in airflow that goes into our lungs. This is where the term “apnea” comes into play at this point there is a cessation of breath.

Fortunately, our brain has a reactionary side effect to this loss of breath which prompts us to awaken from the deep stages of sleep to tighten these muscles and allow breathing as soon as once more. The unfortunate side effects of this life saving bodily reaction are extreme daytime sleepiness, cardiovascular issues, psychological impairment, among others.

This can take place anywhere from dozens to even hundreds of occasions a night depending on the severity of the case. And frighteningly so, this can even lead to death if your body does not react to the cessation of breathing, thus creating sleep apnea a situation that must be addressed and treated correctly.

However the far a lot more typical difficulties with sleep apnea deal with loud and excessive snoring. For those who are married or living with their companion, this will not only cause bad sleep in the person with OSA but also keep the partner up with excessive snoring. It can strain people’s connections and force people to sleep in separate beds! Most individuals do not realize just how numerous people are affected by obstructive sleep apnea, up to 18 million Americans! Estimates have shown that up to 10% of men and 5% of women have some sort of sleep-disordered breathing. Startlingly even though less than ten% of these men and women have even been diagnosed.