Birthday bash!!! With a cake baked by a spooky mother for her adorable son

By | January 6, 2020

Birthday bash!!! With a cake baked by a spooky mother for her adorable son

Cake Boss. Do you watch it? (Well, I didn’t so far) My son’s birthday is on the way and I thought of baking a cake (don’t be shocked). I was thrilled at first because it was my husband who suggested that I bake a cake. I checked with all my friends and they all suggested me to watch Cake Boss telecasted in TLC. I was worried about whether I received the channel with Centurylink Bundles that I have. Thank heavens; I was just in time for the show when I switched on the TV. However, I decided to do a little bit of research from my end on cakes (wonder why?) My son asks me questions which makes me blink most of the time. This time I decided it should be the other way round. Thus I began to explore

The cake is typically an enriched baked dessert. The word is of Viking origin, from the Old Norse word “kaka”. Can you imagine a party without a cake? There are birthday cakes, wedding cakes, graduation cakes, corporate cakes, Christmas cakes, holiday cakes, and party cakes. (Forgive me, I only know so much).

Business is booming in the cake industry. There are several companies that bake a cake, the way you want it to be. Right from your pet dog, up to your favorite star, can be baked as a cake. Cakes are baked blending several ingredients. Hence you can get your favorite taste and color. I relish having strawberry, chocolate, butterscotch, and German chocolate. Are you on a diet? A piece or two is not going to affect your diet that bad I guess!!! I forgot about the fillings. They are usually filled with fruit preserves or dessert sauces. Just baking a cake does not complete the job. Cake decorating plays a very important role. Piping bags, syringes, hand-formed flowers, fresh fruits, and crystallized fruits are a few items used to decorate cakes.

How can a birthday bash happen without a cake? Candles lit cake making the darkroom bright, with joy, fun, and laughter all around. Oh! And the gifts that you will receive from friends and family members. I can never forget my childhood birthday parties. You get a variety of birthday cakes from animal to princess cakes. But my son is an exception. He wants me to prepare a cake for him (I wonder where he got this idea…)

Equally important are wedding cakes. The best moment in life (Well, it depends) cannot happen without a cake. The wedding cake is shared amongst all who are present at the wedding ceremony. Sharing the cake among guests reflects hospitality and respect. It also shares joy and togetherness. My wedding cake was a four-tiered butter cream-frosted cake that was draped with large, vibrant sugar flowers.

The best cake for me will always be the one that my mom prepares (No special reason). It always came as a surprise to me. As the saying goes, “As is the mother so is the son”, my son wanted a cake baked by his mother for his birthday bash. I wanted to make my family happy and after gathering little knowledge on cakes I began my purchase and started planning for the big day (For both my son and me). Can you imagine? The cake came out very well and everyone, especially my husband and son enjoyed the cake. I was overwhelmed and thanked Cake Boss silently, and my husband for having Centurylink Bundles at home. You know what; my son gifted me a beautiful vase for having made his birthday a memorable one. What else a mother can relish?